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Costa Rica

Crater and lake of Volcano Poas

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is booming as a honeymoon destination for the eco conscious. The small Central American country is known for its civilized way of life. It is no exaggeration to describe the country as an oasis of peace. Costa Rica is a land dominated by mountains and isolated, undeveloped coasts. The Caribbean coast is constantly pounded by waves generated by the Trade Winds, producing some of the world's best surf. Beaches of brilliant white and improbably rich black sand reach in segments of 20-40 miles without a single seawall, groin, jetty, revetment, or condominium.

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The Costa Ricans are Also called Ticos. Costa Rica is known for its civilized way of life and it is no exaggeration to describe the country as an oasis of peace. Today Costa Rica is highly cosmopolitan. Spanish is the state language, although the black community is bilingual (most of them speak Spanish and English), as are the indigenous groups such as the Bribris, who still speak their native languages in addition to Spanish.

Costa Ricans are predominantly Catholic, but freedom of religion is protected by the constitution, and the Protestant community is quite important. There is a Catholic Church in every city or town. Fiestas, dances, and other cultural and religious events take place around the church, where people gather to socialize or simply enjoy the clear night-time sky.

Traditions are very important to the Costa Rican people. Religious holidays are among the most festive occasions, especially that of August 2nd, when thousands of Costa Ricans pay homage to the Virgen de los Angeles.

The country is divided by a backbone of volcanoes and mountains, an extension of the Andes-Sierra Madre chain which runs along the western side of the Americas. Costa Rica is part of the Pacific "Rim of Fire" and has seven of the isthmus's 42 active volcanoes plus dozens of dormant or extinct cones. Earth tremors and small quakes shake the country from time to time.
Sea kayaking, bird watching, relaxing in the sun, horseback riding - some of the many activities to take part of in Costa Rica.
Climate and Weather
Costa Rica is a tropical country which contains several distinct climatic zones. There is no winter or summer as such and most regions have a rainy season from May to November and a dry season from December to April. Temperature is more a matter of elevation than location with a mean of around 72ºF in the Central Valley, 82ºF on the Atlantic coast and 89ºF on the Pacific coast.

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Destination Wedding Information
In order to get married in Costa Rica, it is essential to demonstrate the legal aptitudes of both parties. In Costa Rica civil matrimony is celebrated by Public Notaries (lawyers) who must produced a public deed at the exact moment of the matrimony. This notary will also produce two sworn declarations for the witnesses, where they will attest to the identity and civil status of the parties. All documents will be in Spanish, but the notary will verbally translate the deeds. And yes, this legal matrimony is accepted in any other country.
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