The Temple Mount in Jerusalem

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Israel is located in Western Asia on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. The capital and largest city of “The Holy Land” is Jerusalem while the main financial center is Tel Aviv. This small country, the size of New Jersey, is amazingly geographically diverse. Hiking is popular in the varied landscape and the views you’ll lay your eyes on are astonishing. When you’re in the silent desertscape near the Dead Sea spotting ibexes on sheer cliffs that are dotted with caves, it can be hard to believe that Jerusalem is less than 1 hour away - with the 19th-century East European ghetto world of Jerusalem's orthodox Mea Shearim quarter, the amazing labyrinthine medieval Arab bazaars of the Old City, and so much more. From Jerusalem's Jaffa Road downtown hop into a sherut (shared taxi) and you’ll be in Tel Aviv in less than an hour - a world of white skyscrapers, surfboards, sailboats, and bikinis on the beach with the Mediterranean caressing your feet as you take it all in. Two hours to the north of Tel Aviv, you can explore ruined Crusader castles in the green forests of the Galilee Mountains. Israel has become a world-class destination with outstanding cultural, archaeological and religious attractions, spas and beach resorts, as well as a unique ancient and modern atmosphere. A honeymoon in Israel will most certainly leave couples with lasting memories.


The US State Department issued a Travel Warning on December 20, 2012.

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