Mozambique Scenery


Mozambique is a country in southeastern Africa bordered by 2500km/1550mi of beautiful coastline welcoming visitors to bask in the sun, swim and explore the underwater world of the Indian Ocean. The popularity of the country as a vacation getaway has continued to increase since the civil war ended with a peace agreement in 1992. Mozambique, one of Africa’s up-and-coming hot-spots, now attracts leisure and adventure travelers alike with its tropical climate, natural beauty, excellent diving and the warmth of its people. From the 2,436m Monte Binga peak to the stunning mainland beaches and magical offshore islands, Mozambique is a country of contrasts. The country has also preserved its African cultural heritage, which visitors can experience through art, music and food. The official language is Portuguese.

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Bazaruto Archipelago: A beautiful island resort area with outstanding diving and snorkeling opportunities, including Manta Reef, Two-Mile Reef, Vengies, Rainbow Runner Reef and the Greek Temple.

Beira: Mozambique’s second-largest city is a busy port town famed for its steamed crabs and prawns and its tawdry nightlife.

Cahora Bassa dam: Visitors awe at this Hydro-electric dam on the Zambezi river and the second largest man-made lake in Africa.

Gorongosa National Park: This 4,000 square kilometer Park is located at the southern end of the Great East African Rift Valley took a toll during Mozambique's long civil conflict at the end of the 20th Century. The Carr Foundation and the Government of Mozambique are working to protect and restore the variety of distinct ecosystems within the park. Vehicle rental and wildlife guides as well as hikes on nearby Mt Gorongosa can be arranged with park headquarters.

Ilha de Moçambique: Tiny reed houses and pastel-colored colonial mansions are scattered amongst palm trees on tiny “Mozambique Island”. This former capital of Portuguese East Africa is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Inhambane: The waters offshore this pretty historic town on a bay are a snorkeling and diving paradise with pristine reefs and an abundance of manta rays and whale sharks. During the winter months (June to September) there is a chance of close-up encounters with the migrating humpback whales.

Maputo: This thriving capital in the far south of Mozambique is one of Africa’s most attractive capitals. The Mediterranean-style architecture, waterside setting, flame-tree-lined avenues, sidewalk cafés and museums, shops and markets galore make a visit to this city a wonderful cultural experience.

Pemba: Wimbi (or Wimbe) beach, dhow safaris and diving make this seaside town a popular holiday destination for Mozambicans as its isolation has kept it off the tourist route for most Western visitors.

Ponta d'Ouro: A popular diving town in the extreme south of Mozambique, which is also known for its beach and dolphins.

Quirimbas Archipelago & Quirimbas National Park: This northern scenic and secluded holiday destination offers visitors lush African bush on the mainland and white sand beaches with cristal blue water in the Archipelago and on the coast.

Tofo: This well-known beach destination with a party-time atmosphere, azure waters, excellent diving (with lots of manta rays) and surfing nearby.

Vilanculos: Mozambique’s foremost vacation destination and gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago is overrun with 4WDs during holidays, but serene otherwise. Visitors enjoy dhow safaris to the Bazaruto Archipelago and amazing diving, snorkeling and deep sea fishing.

Climate and Weather
Almost all of Mozambique falls within the tropics. Sunshine, blue skies and temperatures averaging between 24°C/75°F and 27°C/80°F along the coast are the norm, except during the rainy summer season from about December/January through to April when the humidity is up and temperatures exceed 30°C in some areas. The interior plains generally have a higher temperature then that of the coast and have higher rainfall throughout the year. The mountainous regions generally remain cool throughout the year. The best time to visit is from May/June to November, during the cooler dry season. During the Christmas/New Years holidays, around Easter and in August, the southern resorts fill up with vacationing South African neighbors. For divers - the sea temperature is tropical and seldom falls below 24°C/75°F.